Can puppies leave their mother at five weeks?

Can puppies leave home at five weeks of age?

Puppies should not leave their homes without their mom and littermates before nine weeks of age.

A five-week-old puppy is too young to leave its mother, and it’s also said to be too young to adopt if you have already brought such a young puppy home, you will need to act as its substitute mother until the puppy is 9 weeks old

Taking care of a young puppy under 9 weeks

When the puppy is without its mother you would have to follow certain steps and give the puppy milk to drink in a bottle for a few weeks up to 2-8 weeks depending on its age and it should have an appropriate amount of milk now and then every 5-7 hour seven during night times.

Reading up about being a dog – a mother can be very essential because it helps in you giving the appropriate meals to substances having adequate bowls depending on its age and to learn the type of milk the animal needs and how much it would need when eating solid food and what kind of solid food.

Taking the puppy to a veterinarian

Taking it to a vet can be very important because it would give certain injections and the vet would check if it has any infection and give it the proper isolation before you go ahead to adopt it.

Warm keeping –

The puppy would need to be kept warm at night by giving it wrappers, big clothes and you would have to provide warmth by giving it a bottle of milk and sustaining it every two hours by frequently warming it and also a heating blanket on the lowest setting. Monitoring the heat level very carefully and its vital levels very carefully not to harm the puppy.

Puppies at five weeks are still in a very youthful age of weaning so it’s very useful to get some puppy milk replacements to supplements and your puppy for the next four weeks before it becomes fully 9 weeks.

Depending on the breed some dogs start drinking from water bowls and may still not have the jaw power to process enough foods moistened food is very essential for well-being and helps protect their canine digest.

Why do puppies leave their homes at five weeks

1. Independent puppies

A puppy may feel independent so this can cause it to leave the mother at a young age these are puppies who often love taken decisions and going on and about with adventurous journeys.

2. Rebel puppies

Puppies who are said to be stubborn and rebellious with their family and have several funds often leave their family at a very young age even as young as six weeks.

3. Unloved puppies 

These sets of puppies are very emotional and tend to feel the emotions of not being properly loved and taken care of by their mother dogs.

4. Aspirant dogs

These are dogs who have the craving of living in a better habitat and environment so they usually leave their families unexpectedly and may go to wander off and they fall sick most of the time and get carried by animal shelters.

5. The unruly puppies

These are the type who are not liked by their families who have a trait of talking to other animals or having betrayal tendencies and also being disobedient to their parents, this could eventually lead them to have a feud with their family and then get kicked out if it’s too serious.

However, sometimes it’s not the puppy’s fault to leave their mother at such an early age and here’s why

1. Mothers death – the death of the mother can also make the puppy wander around and leave home at that very early age and eventually lead to other siblings split up when they are looking for a new environment also looking for what to take care of.

2. Disability of other family members –

When other family members have a critical condition whether it be sickness or being paralyzed the puppy has no choice but to leave their parents at an early stage

3. Distribution of habitat

When a puppy’s original environment and when they don’t have another habitat or environment to stay they, therefore, wander around and this can cause it to split from its mother

If you find these dogs what do you do to them

Taking them to an animal shelter or animal control

Taking them to animal control can be a very safe way to prevent them and animals shelter can help it in giving it injections and daily supplements.

So therefore if you don’t trust the animal shelter and you want to take care of it.

Follow these steps

1. Creating a crate

Creating a crate is very vital when taking it home giving it a crate can distinguish from you instead of it coming up to your bed because it may pass a lot of germs from its body because no matter how you clean it germs are micro you can’t see it with your physical eye.

2. Taking it  to a vet

A vet check would be good firstly because to prevent it from coming to your home and bringing fleas, unwanted diseases, bacteria’s infections and secondly knowing the right supplements to give it.

3. Reading puppy magazines

Reading puppy magazines such as Moderndog, Dog fancy new dogs habitat, dogs today fido friendly, Horse and hound e.t.c

NB – these magazines are also very applicable to puppies

4. Prepare to take it for walks

No matter how puppies may. Seem introverted they always need a workaround to harness the environment and enable it to even poop outside because when it’s new it finds it hard to poop outside because of its unfamiliarity with its environment.

5. Prepare to be frustrated –

puppies can be very frustrating and sometimes very stubborn just like babies, they are new to the world and it may seem very overwhelming for them so properly correcting and efficiently repeating these processes would help them and fulfill that saying when they grow to be man’s best friend.