Flea Treatment for 3 Weeks Old Kittens

Food grade diatomaceous earth, no fragrance dishwashing liquid, vet supplied topical flea repellant with warm water and a flea comb treatment are used externally for flea treatments in young kittens.

Kittens are young cats that at three weeks old they need their mama cat to survive. This means they are still at their fragile state and with no vision. The kittens have little fur where fleas stay on their body and breed their eggs on them, the kitten becomes a pathogen that contaminates the environment they move and live in.

What is the best flea treatment for kittens 3 weeks old?

For a 3 week old kitten infested with flea, the best treatment is to take them to a veterinarian, because any harsh chemical might be harmful to them. There is a high probability that they will lick the chemical off their skin. You can also get flea combs and warm water to remove the fleas from the body of the kitten for immediate treatment reducing discomfort from the kitten.

How To Detect Flea Infestation In Kittens

Take a flea comb that has very tiny teeth in it and comb through its fur. If you have a kitten who has fleas you might not see it immediately, to detect it, go towards the base of the tail and you will notice little black specks that look like dirt, this is flea dirt and a sign that the kitten has fleas.

I will recommend that anytime you take in a new kitten, comb through them with a flea comb to know if it has fleas.

Fleas are a big problem for little kittens because fleas suck the kittens’ blood and they do not have a lot to spare which makes them become anemic, so we have to deal with the fleas immediately.

Even if you do not see a flea on your kitten, if you see flea dirt, those little beasts are hiding somewhere in there. If there are any live fleas, they might get trapped in between these tiny teeth of the flea comb.

You can do a little test by taking the comb and rubbing the dirt into a tissue, once it is on a tissue you can take some water or saline and wet it. What you see is it starts to bleed red into the tissue that is because this is the fleas waste from consuming the blood of the kitten. The fleas basically suck the blood of the kitten and then poo it out into the kitten’s fur.

Home Remedies For Treating A Three Week Old Kitten With Flea

The first thing to do is to purchase a heat pad. Then you warm up this heat pad because they need to be warm the moment they get out of the bath. While the heat pad warms up, get ready clean hand towels, some baby sponges and any non-chemical cleaner like; baby shampoo or dish washer soap as long as it is fragrance free.

Start the water, so it is nice and warm (preferably running water). Then apply a light layer of soap with water around the kittens’ neck, this acts as a barrier so as you are washing, the fleas can’t travel up its head.

Now, you can wet the rest of its body and put some soap on it, as you are washing you will notice that it actually breaks down the bodies of the fleas and kills the fleas so they will rinse out immediately with the dirt and eggs.

The entire process should not be more than a minute, you are going to protect the head, nose, and mouth, then you will just rinse from the neck down. You will dry the kitten off as best as you can with your clean hand towel. Then take a clean flea comb and comb out any flea that didn’t get rinsed away.

Now, take the baby sponge and put a little bit of baby shampoo on it, then start cleaning the head. Clean around the ears and face avoiding its nose, eyes, and mouth. Rinse off with the baby sponge, then dry with fresh hand towels and put it back on its heated bed. If you do not have a heat pad you can use a hand dryer, put it on warm and just use around its body.

Remember, that only about 10% of fleas are on your kitten the rest are in your house so focus on cleaning the kitten’s bedding, your carpet and the kitten’s playing ground or if you have a grass area in your compound where the kitten plays there will definitely be flea and their eggs there. To avoid your kitten getting fleas again, you need to disinfect the place.

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You generally want to stay away from products bought over the counter that contain parathion and terbufos for kitten just three weeks old. Those products are insecticides that have very slight margin of safety known to cause injury to domestic animals.

How To Care For 3 Week Old Kitten

Kittens are sensitive creatures that need special care for development. If you are thinking of getting a kitten, I will advise you prepare so the kitten can adapt quickly, and your relationship with the kitten will be much more positive.

Cats are scrupulous animals, so I recommend you leave their food dish, water bowl, and little box in separate areas. If you have other cats at home or you plan to adopt more than one kitten at the same time, it is recommended you have box for each one as this will help to avoid conflict.

You also have to clean utensils regularly to create a hygienic environment. You can also get a scratcher this way you can prevent the cat from scraping the furniture in your home. You can get a cat scratcher here.

A nest for them to hide when they are afraid, or they want some peace. It is important to never separate a mama cat from her kittens except it is strictly necessary. From birth kittens need colostrum, then breast milk to boost their immune system.

With these tips I have given you are sure to keep your new kitten in great health