How to know if a kitten is a girl or boy?

How to know if a kitten is a boy or girl?

It is usually hard to tell if a kitten is a boy or a girl because kittens don’t have a very open organ that indicates their gender.

How do you eventually know it’s gender

By lifting its tail, because the opening underneath the tail is considered as the anus, the anus is the opening of the genitals which is round in males and is a vertically slit in females.

Choosing a gender

  1. Male kittens are bigger but the females have a more slanted body

2. The male kittens are quieter but more active

3. The female kittens are more reserved than males but are far less likely to spray.


Female kittens tend to be bossier and tell for more attention than their male counterparts, they crave a lot of attention and will make it known to you that they want something they make it so desperate even if it is not an urgent situation or even if they are not suffering from a particular infection or a disease.

Their counterparts the male” these kittens, however, are more laid back, most times have more composures if they have an infection they don’t tell like the female kittens, the male kittens are more relaxed, happily taking your attention when it comes their way.

Check and confirmation –

This is probably true for some, but it depends on its early stages and phases with are essential in its growth .certain breeds tend to be noisier than others for a lot of reasons, not just when they want attention.

Distinguishing characteristics –

This could come down to their hormones. Male kittens who haven’t been neutered can sometimes be aggressive to pets and people. unneutered female kittens might seek your attention even when in need of anything, just their fluctuation of moods but may seem independent at other times

Male observations

Male kittens tend to be more adventurous and always be on the lookout while the female kitten is usually domesticated.

Checks and confirmations-

This brings down to the fact that the neutered nature of a cat is very important and key, both the male and female kittens usually don’t roam away that often depending on their environment the male kittens are said to be more adventurous usually the male kittens can get lost if the male kitten is properly neutered he won’t roam around like the female counterpart.

It is known that male cats have more empathy and regards to things and seem to have more affection towards human beings and bond well with their breeders or owners

Female kittens are wild and maybe of in certain ways Because of their bossy nature their usually prefer kittens to Humans

Kittens love to stay with their mother because they think she may be good even if they are adopted by an owner the female kitten sticks to the mother more than the male kitten would do female kittens tend to be spoilt in some sense and always have the tendency to feel more independent.

The female kitten usually loves feeling independent and bossy somewhat fully this nature is usually perceived in their late kitten stages.

The way they’re neutered and brought up is a key part of how they are towards if they are affectionate, passive, or well mannered. if they are socially active they are more likely to be open with you and Loving they are to you.

The boy kittens are more restless, with a huge fighting spirit, and may have guessed with their other male kitten counterparts. while the girls are more like introverted animals with bossy nature and surprisingly are born with good animal etiquette.

The male kittens are more possessive and usually defend their patch if another kitten wanders in this can lead to them getting into mini fights and it can also lead to them getting hurt in fights and having bruises and they could catch a life-changing infection know as the Five fully known as the feline immune deficiency virus and it’s sad if it happens at a very young age however these barely when the parent cat is there.

The feline immune deficiency virus is said to be a virus that affects the kittens drastically causing inflammation of the gums alongside dental diseases known as gingivostomatitis and they are prone to develop cancer to these young kittens and some things known as immune immune-mediated disorders, weight losses, neurological malfunction causing wild disabled kittens and moodiness at an early stage.

This virus differs from two other feline retroviruses, the feline foamy virus, and the f, feline leukemia virus

The origin of this virus is as follows

  • Place of origin – Riboviria
  • Type – virus
  • Phylum – Artverviricota
  • Class – revraviricetes
  • Order – ortervirales
  • Family – retroviridae
  • Genus – antivirus

The effects on male kitten

it is said to have substances that kill the genitals and produce pus that comes and create a traumatic experience in a male kitten making it sluggish, less agitated, and very different from its normal self, killing its adventurous and jovial motive

In female kittens –

kills any form of puberty, weakens the fetus, gives shares and pain coming with sudden screams and unusual things like pus and different internal pains that could cause the kitten to lose hope in life.


  • The life span is shortened
  • Morale is lost
  • Lifestyle limited

Summary: these are the basic things you need to know in a boy or girl to easily help differentiate them with ease by knowing these types you can be sure of the one you want to take either as a breeder or the owner.

Picture telling – it would be difficult telling in the mirror because it would be the same ideology you use in the real world you would use for in a picture.

But if it is check if the genitals have a great distance between the legs .if you see that know it is a male.