I hate my boyfriend’s dog, what do I do?

Your boyfriend has a dog and you have a feeling you two might not get along. Its incessant barking and neediness is getting to you and not to mention its sloppiness on the new carpet.

You don’t know how to bring this up with your boyfriend, because you fear it might ruin your relationship and it might unless you know how to handle it. Well then, this article is perfect for you.

I hate my boyfriend’s dog, what do I do?

Communication is key. You need to figure out why you hate your boyfriend’s dog. Is it the barking, the shedding, or the odor you can’t just get out of the couch? Whatever it is, discovering the root of the issue will help you find a solution. Nonetheless, you need to figure this out, to know the right approach to communicating how you feel to him.

Sometimes, as it is with most relationships,  you might have a dislike for the dog because your boyfriend spends more time with it than with you, and you are probably jealous of the bond. This might be hard to admit, but it is a step in the right direction and something communication and little adjustment can solve.

When you are telling your boyfriend how you feel about the dog, be careful to not use the word “hate” because hate is a strong word and may trigger your boyfriend.

Discuss your feelings and try to explain to your partner about what exactly annoys you about the dog. Be specific about your reasons by focusing the pet as a syndrome to a broader issue.

Your boyfriend might get hurt or be pissed off and think you are crazy for complaining about his dog but at least, you have done your part by communicating. Perhaps he would try to accommodate, and try to help you interact with the dog to change your feelings about the dog or he doesn’t care how you feel and not try to adjust his dog.

This will tell a lot about your boyfriend and if he values the relationship, but make sure you are actively trying to find love for his pet. Think of your partner as a single parent with a child, and the dog his child and best friend.

The dog is a lifetime commitment for your boyfriend and you coming to might be quite tricky because of the connection they’ve formed with their furry friend over the years. But fret not, it is possible to find a balance between you and your partner’s dog.

Most dogs can be taught to not jump on people or hurt them, and puppy classes or obedience lessons could help figure it out. Offer to and be a part of the training by attending the obedience class together with the dog. Teach him new commands and relearn old commands. Once the dog learns your personal boundaries, everyone will be happy.

Tips on bonding with your boyfriend’s pet

Dogs are wonderful creatures, they just want to be love and they love those who love them too, so all you just have to do is to be it’s favorite human. Feed it table scraps and keep bacons in your pocket and wait for the perfect time to feed it to the dog. A perfect you, dog time.

Show the dog affection, and it may seem awkward at first, since you don’t really like the dog but spending time with the dog will show your boyfriend that you care, and also help you understand the dog. 

You do not to set time aside to spend time with the dog. Just make sure you are in the habit of giving the dog regular physical contact like belly rubs, gentle scratches at intervals. Massages could be nice also.

Remember, dogs who do not have constant companion may become lonely and agressive, and this might be the cause of it acting out weird towards you.

Be kind, consistent and assertive in your words and actions, and make sure you are around a lot.  Also make sure to be careful of your behavior around the dog and not in any way, upsetting or triggering the dog.

Find out what the dog’s favorite thing to do is ( for example, tug of war, wrestling, fetch, etc ) and do them with it. Once you know what drives it, then you can be more responsive to its needs. Anything to make you and the dog fall in love.

Start walking the dog as this will be a great bonding experience for you both. Dogs enjoy being able to explore their environment. This can also be a form of great exercise for you and the dogs as this helps in stretching it’s legs.

If it really enjoys walking, try taking it for longer walks as a treat or once in a month and you will all be living happily ever after in no time.

Appreciate your boyfriend’s dog for what it can offer.

Having a dog in the house isn’t only about feeding, cleaning or taking care of it. The dog can offers so many health benefits, like resistance to heart disease, allergies, and others. Dogs are empaths and great with kids also.

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What are the perks of having a partner who is a dog lover?

A man who is a dog lover shows that he is able to take care of himself and another living thing and more importantly, be able to love unconditionally. Most dog lovers are active, love to exercise and the best part, are fantastic cuddlers.

Adopting a dog is a life term commitment, so if your boyfriend has a dog, he is most likely ready for a committed relationship or maybe not. Either way, it’s a win-win for you.


Above all, the best approach is to see the dog through your partner’s eyes. What do they love about them? How do they make your partner happy?  This way you understand the bond that your partner has with their pet and that will be the most important factor to help you cope.