Kitten and puppy: Can they stay together?

What are kittens?

Kittens are younger animals of the common household pets known as cats they can be in different colors depending on their breed, they are usually white, black, ginger, brown, cinnamon, fawn, and cream

They also have sub colors that are usually mixed such as the bicolor

The bi-color- the bi-colors when a cat has a white coast which patches another color mostly black, they are usually different variations.

This coat type usually is caused by a white spotting gene is called the feline endogenous retrovirus and has the dominant spotting type known as Dominant white (Dw) and white spotting (Ws)

They are also other mixed colors such as the tortoiseshell, the calico, the color point.

What do Kitten eat

Canned cat foods scrambled eggs, fresh and saltwater fish, salad greens, cooked meats, cat grass, pumpkin

The best treats for kittens

  • Feline dental cat treats
  • The classic crunchy
  • The blue wilderness soft – moist grain-free treats.

What do Kittens love doing?

Like their less juvenile counterparts, kittens love shiny objects, toys and they love things with different structures and textures

The size of a kitten

The regular size kitten is usually said to be the same size as its prey mice and usually weighs 3.7 pounds.

Adaptation period

A kitten is ready for adoption by the age of 12 weeks.

But in most shelters and animal rescues they are usually given out by 9 weeks but also many breeders waiting until 14 weeks.

What are puppies

Puppies are juvenile versions of the common household pets called dogs

The colors of puppies

They can be black, white, brown, gray, cream, and sometimes gold.

The most common colors are mostly white, brown, and golden.

 What do puppies eat

Canned foods, peanut butter, white rice, dairy products.

The best treats for puppies

  • The three dog bakery crunch bagels
  • Kong Easy treat Peanut butter flavor
  • Zuke’s Mini Natural chicken recipe dog training treats
  • Red barn Natural premium dog food roll
  • Gerber’s baby food
  • Fresh meat or cheese
  • Your dog’s daily kibble
  • wellness soft puppy bites.
  • Greenies regular dog dental treats
  • Full moon training treats

What do puppies love doing

Puppies love physical affection they often want and seek this out from the people they love the most, they usually love cuddles, gentle hugs, and Strong signals.

The size of a puppy is usually averaged around 8 pounds

Adaptation period

Puppies are usually ready for adaptation

They usually are not supposed to leave their little mates before eight weeks of age because they are mature at that age and the mother puppy would have thought it important lessons that would affect him all his life.

Kittens and puppies in one house

The only problem I see will be for you. You might find that it’s a lot of work keeping up with both of them & their natural exploration of all things.

They may eat each other’s food, so you’d need to talk to your vet about that being a problem or not. Your cat will be litter trained in an hour if that long & your puppy may take weeks to understand you don’t pee or poo in the house.

Speaking of which, dogs can be pretty disgusting. They will eat just about anything & it doesn’t matter if it’s poop or a dead bird. So you’d have to be sure the dog had no access to the litter box or anything the cat dragged in.

If you have a doggie door (which I strongly discourage) the cat will use it too & honestly, I don’t think animals should be allowed to come & go as they please. In case you can’t tell I’m an alpha. I have always had very well-behaved critters because I think ahead & they know I’m the boss.

I’ve never seen a cat that didn’t attempt to ruin furnishings. However, my son trained his cat NOT to use furniture as a scratching post or jump up onto the table, or climb the curtains. Cats are fearless explorers. Awesome really, but can be trained to behave more like a dog.

Dogs however have been known to try to chew the legs on chairs & tables & tear up soft furnishings. I think we’ve all seen that embarrassed dog with the signage videos. If you have the two together & find things they can do together, they will be less likely to make messes.

Proactive thoughts regarding the potential threat to your home & them are what you’ll have to be vigilant about. We have a beautiful leather sectional from Italy, expensive, but specifically purchased because the leather is tanned 9 times. It is like butter. Which was the reason behind buying it, it’s nearly scratchproof.

Our animals like to jump up & watch TV or just be near us, & I like that. I’ve been there when their nails got caught in a normal fabric sofa & they panicked nearly pulling the nail out of their toe.

You also can’t put a cat in a household with a “barker or whooper” like Beagles & Pomeranians, & expect the cat to chill out. You can train the dog not to bark, but some breeds just can’t seem to settle down enough to be quiet. So it’s going to be interesting if you go through with it.

How to maintain kittens and puppies

  1. Allowing them to complete their adaptation period
  2. Fumigating the house for any sort of pests that could attract attention and create mayhem.
  3. Being assertive to your puppies and kittens
  4. Displaying mutual love and interest for both animals
  5. Giving them both adequate meals
  6. Creating a distance between both animals because there is a 98% chance that they wouldn’t get along only if they a miniature, the miniature is more loving than the regular-sized animals.

Which is the easier animal

Kittens are usually proud like their adult selves known as the cats this makes them independent but for a puppy, puppies are usually less peaceful during the night, kittens tend to want attention during the night, and puppies during the day

For someone who has a job if you were to choose it is more recommendable to get a puppy.