Neko Atsume Gold Fish (The Ultimate Guide)

What is Neko atsume?

Neko atsume is a Japanese mobile cat collecting game developed by hit point Co ltd for iOS and Android, it was originally released on October  20, 2014, and gained a lot of recognition around the world. it was considered a big hit in East Asia before gaining international recognition.

Neko atsume gameplay

Neko atsume is a single player game which revolves around the player purchasing food,cats toys and furniture to attract different species  of their cats to their homes and watch cats interact  with objects take photos of them which are saved in a galleryand receive gifts of fish   and other exciting items from them.

First reception

When released on October 20  2014 it was said to only be in Japanese so as a strategy to gain global fans it was released a year later in English ,The game proved incredibly a massive success,by reaching 5.5 million downloads as at the start of summer in 2015 ,with the current downloads said to be 10 million downloads,  A huge achievement for this mobile game franchise.


This intriguing game is an interactive  game  but not a virtual game in it’s  game style.There is no way for the player to interact with the cats orally ,verbally or any form whatsoever.Meanwhile players have been challenged,Tasked or Obliged to have control over their garden space ,placing objects that most  likely attract the cats they  want  like shinny objects.

Players must first choose a  theme for their garden space  from a base selection that can be expanded by either real or in game currency .Then they can purchase food and items and choose where to place them in the garden.

All of this is achieved with minimal interface that makes the most  of commonly understood touch screen gestures  to make the software feel natural and interactive. All information about the game is communicated visually wherever possible,you can literally almost not find any text in the game  apart from cats names and descriptions.which can usually be found in the purchase outlet.

The lack of accrediblity about languages can go in a  direction to explaining the  Original Japanese games popularity in anglophone countries and territories. Before the English update was available.The very visual nature of the interface design minimises the language components .To get the attention of a cat a player must have at least a toy and some cat food available .

Second reception /social factors

The game has proved to be phenomenally successful it has gained close to 12 Million downloads it amased a large following in the west part of Asia after it’s impressive debut in that zone gaining up to 600 thousand downloads in its first weekend release.

The game has spawned numerous fan and critics sites,with a focus of fan art and unofficial merchandise,which gave it a good second reception and a good overview for critics an impressive game in all.

To quantify exactly what has made the game so successful it’s quite difficult. Even the game’s creator did not foresee its eventual popularity. It is probably because of how it is attractive to kids and has decency in its gameplay.

The game’s popularity can undoubtedly be put down to it’s simplicity and accessibility of it’s design.The fact that it can be easily understood and played regardless of it’s language had a big impact on it’s big success outside Japan, This is a factor in which interactive games need to strive and gain international success like this intriguing and entertaining game .

And this game has a way of keeping players engaged and intrigued and focused on it and never pushes its monetization in a way that feels invasive or weird that could players off.

A likely or possible second reason for the game’s popularity is the inherent appeal of it’s caast of cats .The cats are designed in a very entertaining and exciting way that makes it almost impossible not to love these game.

The inherent appeal of cats combined with the simple and engaging design  likely has a lot to do with the major impact Neko atsume has had on over 10-15 million active players ,with it’s engaging design and fun glamour.

The goldfish in Neko Atsume

Neko atsume gold fish is one of the pets acquired by purchasing and getting tokens they are said to be unlockable characters in the game.

Major steps in acquiring a gold fish in neko atsume

  • Buy more fish
  • Choose a specific item
  • Choosing a specific item
  • The misfortune cheat
  • Availing goldfish as quickly as possible.

They are also ways to get for more gold fish in Neko atsume

  • The Zanzibar cushion (137.4 per day )
  • The silk crepe Willow (100.6per day)
  • Head space (75.5 per day)
  • Marble pad (62.3 per day )
  • Temari ball (63.3 per day)
  • Tiramisu cube (59.5 per day)
  • Scratching log (56.3 per day)

These are the  collective items you can use to gain more gold fish in Neko atsume.

Why is the goldfish in Neko atsume important?

The cats in Neko atsume leave the fish to say thanks for your hospitality. some cats may even leave special goldfish! A player is to use these free gifts to buy more goodies. Note: The gift menu has a 100 gifts limit.

Once you are said to have pass this limit, older gifts would be automatically accepted to make room for new ones.”

The gold fish is the alternative currency in Neko atsume and it is used to purchase Food, goodies and wallpapers.

Players earn Goldfish after a cat has played in their yard. An alert gift is said to be available afterwards and when a Goldfish has been left behind. Players can also accept their gifts from the gift tabs in the gift Menu. up to 100 gifts may be stored uncollected; additional gifts usually cost the older gifts to be automatically accepted.

 Facts about the gold fish in Neko atsume .

  1. The Goldfish in Neko atsume is more uncommon than the Silverfish and hence considered more valuable. Players may exchange fish for Goldfish and vice versa at the shop.
  2. Goldfish currency does not resemble goldfish. The fish used in Neko atsume are sardines.
  3. The Goldfish may also be purchased with real money in denominations of 50G;120G;200G and 300G. Prices May vary depending on the country the player is in.