Neutering your rabbit: Cost and Implications

Rabbits are normally seen as low maintenance animals, however that is just not the situation. Because they are more smaller than your cat or dog doesn’t mean they will be any simpler to take care of.

Cost of getting a rabbit sprayed or fixed

The normal expense to get a bunny fixed or neutered in the United States is $273.97 with an average cost of $205. The actual cost to get a bunny fixed fluctuates generally, with bunny parents revealing a scope of $75 dollars more than $600 dollars! It cost 20% more to fix a female bunny than a male.

The cost of fixing a male rabbit at a half-year-old ranges from $250 – $700. As indicated by Rabbit House Society, you can likewise neuter a female bunny with a price of $80.

You can fix a female bunny from age four months and expenses for this process fluctuate broadly, with some being just $75 or as much as a few hundred dollars. As indicated by the Rabbit House Society, the normal expense to fix your bunny is $250.

Recall that they ought to have an assessment first to ensure they are healthy and they may require medication and anti-toxins afterward.

Bunny spaying cost varies by location for instance, in the State of Texas, they had costs reported as low as $100 and as high as $450!

The one general pattern that I saw is that having your rabbit fixed by a veterinarian in a rural area is essentially more affordable than the administrations offered by urban veterinarians.

Bunnies spaying Vs neutering

First how about we ensure we are utilizing familiar terminology and share a common understanding of how this process functions.

Fixing is a surgery to make a male rabbit or a female rabbit unable to make babies. At the point when female bunnies (called Does) are fixed, it’s called being Neutered. At the point when male bunnies (called Bucks) are fixed, it’s called being Neutered.

For spraying and neutering, most veterinarians propose that you delay until the rabbit is somewhere around a half year old prior to having the medical procedure. A few vets will do the technique as young as four months, however you should check with your nearby vet for their recommendation.

Spraying is a considerably more intrusive procedure than neutering and that is why it is more costly.

Is it necessary to get your rabbit neutered?

In case you are frugal like me, you’re presumably in shock at this point.

You’re additionally most likely wondering as to whether it is important to fix your bunny, so we should simply take a couple of seconds to ponder that.

Fixing your rabbit out isn’t required, yet it presents some entirely beneficial advantages and conceivably dodges some future unexpected problems that can be dangerous and cost you more money.

Fixed bunnies have less social issues, are less agressive towards humans and other animals, and have few medical conditions that are related with the reproductive organs.

People believe that sprayed bunnies live more, and I agree. They additionally do nott have litters of baby bunnies, which is a great thing. 

You will have to settle on an official conclusion for yourself, yet in case you will have more than one rabbit or your rabbit will be allowed to free range inside your home, then you probably consider it.

Remember when purchasing a rabbit, a rabbit that has effectively been fixed is regularly more costly. Nonetheless, over the long haul, it will be less expensive to pay extra forthright as opposed to paying for a veterinarian later.

Should male bunnies be fixed?

This is a difficult question to consider since there are numerous factors to consider. Here are a few interesting points.

So what’s the significance here for a male bunny to be fixed? It implies that he cannot get a hairball as frequently as a female bunny.

It implies that he will quit damaging your properties. It likewise implies that the rabbit will be less inclined to run away and cause a disturbance.

So if your bunny is getting a ton of negative attention from you about peeing outside the home or destroying your fridge and obliterating furniture, what do you do?

You get him fixed. It is the most affordable and most accommodating approach to dispose of undesirable behaviors in bunnies.

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In the event that you are aiming to do it without anyone’s help, you might need to consider getting a decent guide called ‘The Rabbit Book’.

Hold the balls in the scrotum by setting a finger over every one and making a small incision with an extremely sharp edge on each side of the scrotum. The balls will jump out of the incision points. Haul every gonad out the testicle, so the cord can be seen.

Cut off the cord simply over the testicles by scratching with a surgical tool. Try not to cut or it might haemorrhage. The wound can be washed with hydrogen peroxide. Clean your hands and your careful gear to help prevent diseases.

If you choose to go for the DIY project you might find that you are spending as much as 300 dollars or more.


So many countless various factors are considered when choosing whether or not it is a smart idea to spray or neuter a bunny. Assuming your reasons are legitimate, it won’t be a decent choice to not allow your pet to have a happy life.

Others think that spraying or fixing a bunny is a legal procedure, while in all actuality it isn’t.

Bunnies are not classified with animals that are lawfully ensured. The lone secured class of creatures are homegrown creatures, which incorporates hares.

Numerous modest pet reception places say that it is less expensive to fix a rabbit. They will reveal to you that it will be simpler to really focus on, and they will request gifts from you. Shockingly, truly it won’t be less expensive to fix your pet.