Puppy won’t poop outside

Why a puppy won’t poop outside

A puppy won’t poop outside because he is allergic or dislikes something about the environment whether it is the grass or they are used to defecating in a particular place or environment or tool such as their bowels.

How do you activate your puppy to enable it to poop outside

 1. Make the puppy familiar with the environment

By taking the dog out regularly the dog becomes very familiar with the environment, by taking it out ( regular dog walks ) at least three times daily in the morning, afternoon, evening, or at least twice daily preferably morning and the evening a 6 in the morning and the evening would be perfect.

2. Be open with your puppy

By allowing your puppy to do most things or anything it wants to do ” not all things” it helps the dog feel open and to money, your command or intention of it pooing outside.

3. Giving it a proper diet schedule

Having a proper diet schedule allows it to poo at certain time intervals possibly 25 minutes after eating taking the dog outside the dog would have a choice to poo doing this frequently the dog would become familiar with the environment and poo freely outside.

4. Checking out for bullies

A certain animal may be bullying your puppy and this may not allow your puppy to feel comfortable and warm poo outside instead it becomes uncomfortable and afraid to poop outside and it holds its poo.

NB: these bullies can be any time of animal but majorly a domestic animal like a dog a grown dog who is more physical both in strength and language these can be mostly seen in a dog from other species because of the unfamiliarity they have amongst each other the stronger one would most likely oppress the smaller one.

5. Checking out for the opposite gender

A male puppy may not poop outside because of a female puppy owned by a neighbor. It may feel embarrassed and have its ego broken, so look out for these possible circumstances

How to stop this –  By making it familiar with the female it brings more unity and this can also not reduce its ego, it may not necessarily mean an intimate relationship but more like you and your neighbor conniving with each other to make it easier for your dog to poop outside this steps are also applicable to the female cats.

6. Creating the environment inside-outside

By creating the exact defecating spot outside inside, Reenacting the particular aura or atmosphere you have indoors by making it a reality outside by using the same schedules you used inside for the puppy for example – if you were cleaning the bowels before use and after use in the house clean the sand in a possible way by removing stones or any form of grass like the oil plant grass. These exact methods do it in the same way you were doing it indoors.

Great supervision – having thorough supervision of your puppy is needed so the puppy doesn’t commit an offense like poop on a neighbor’s lawn giving them freedom but don’t allow them to do everything they want to do.

 Observations –

The reason a puppy may naturally be neglected to this is that some dogs have issues with defecating or excreting outside is because of their unfamiliarity with the environment or the particular spot you want it to poop

This is very similar to humans who can’t have anything to do with a public toilet let alone defecate in it, humans may have reasons like they have irritations and rashes we can barely know for a dog only an actual veterinarian may have certain clues and ideas and how to deal with this issues and they may be able to tell how puppies and dogs feel about defecating outside and how it transforms and effects them.

Sudden phobias depending on the species are seen in most puppies and they easily have agoraphobia the fear of new places makes the particular puppy usually feel trapped, helpless, worthless, and embarrassed.

If the puppy has for a long period been going on carpets or rugs or he has a nest of old clothes, expecting them to readily be able to eliminate grass or dirt it is certainly too much for them with huge pressure popping.

To be consistent and to have a regular fixed timing, because that will become the habit. You would need to terminate the one he came with at first.

As a breeder or an owner you may want to consider giving it treats like a piece of chicken or a puppy bite grain.

Another thing to take into consideration is the puppy picnics can be essential for environmental growth and development but physically and mentally. taking it out as a picnic gives it social and emotional intelligence technically.

Taking your puppy out on a leash to the same spot with accuracy and give it only a minute for it to go and it doesn’t, then stop slacking and state moving. Bring it back from outside and allow it to stay in a crate for it to stand up turn around lie down and change its Position frequently if it’s very big, it would eliminate very well in the crate.

Take it back Outside after 10 minutes and if it goes, it can be free to sniff around, play, and frolic all it wants and then realize it may need to eliminate before it goes back inside.

By continually putting your puppy in the crate. In the night crate it again until it’s used to the house and crate it again after you have taken it outside once more, wait a minute and if doesn’t eliminate when you expect it to do for example after eating “.

Do not scold or punish your puppy! If your punish your puppy your puppy for ” accidents” she will not want to eliminate in front of you, but instead seek out a place out of your sight to go. So use , only positive reinforcements and reinforce the behavior adequately after the behavior you want to rewatch .