What adjectives could be used to describe a dog?

Dogs popularly referred to as man’s best friend, are unique creatures with various qualities and traits. One constant trait, however, being its faithfulness and loyalty- both of which make them so popularly adored.

Seeing how amazing these creatures are, what words could one use to accurately describe these furry companions?

What adjectives could be used to describe a dog?

Dogs are really interesting creatures and having one is quite the experience, At some point, you might need to have the right words to describe your furry friend to your friends and family while conversing and bragging.

Adjectives are descriptive, They describe how you personally feel about the person or thing you are describing and differ from person to person and situation to situation

These words listed below will help find the best descriptive words for your pet. These words could arise based on their behaviour and personal traits.

Words to describe how your dog looks

Dogs have looks that you would not want to miss telling your friends about. Here are some examples to help you describe the appearance of your pet dog. We have words like adorable, cute, muscular, massive, lean, short, fluffy etc.

Adorable help describes that “awww” feeling you get when literally even the most seemingly mundane moments make you smile in amazement. Cute usually aligns with dogs with dazzling eyes and extra-fluffy. This is usually accompanied by a strong desire to squeeze them (in love) 

Muscular is for breeds of dogs which are a lot more built than the average man, Use muscular to describe dogs with heavily built bodies compared to their counterparts of the same age. Another alternative could be the word ‘strong or bulky’

Massive dogs have a HUGE build, this could be as result of what or how they eat or their natural build up. You could use ‘massive” if you have such a dog. Lean describes a dog in good physical condition to run fast, feed well, and play actively.

Some dog breeds have smaller builds than others. Short is a word to describe a dog that is not tall in your opinion. Some dog breeds have a lot of hair on their bodies that cover their faces, paws, and heads completely. Other words along this category are ‘Furry and fuzzy’

Words to describe how good your dog makes you.

Interacting with dogs helps your mind relax making you forget about your worries. There are many different feelings, so you may want to use the following words to describe dogs for some of them. We term them as loyal, or lively. Some are happy, relaxed or high spirited.

Dogs that have complete trust in their owners, and would stand by and protect them at all costs are a treasure worth keeping. You feel that they completely trust and believe in you. Ypu could also describe them as ‘loyal’

It’s never a dull moment with these guys around. Dogs that are full of so much energy that they either brings you back to life or almost tires you out. They run around, show constant attention-seeking behaviour and keep you on your toes. You could also describe them as ‘playful’

This is an exciting, spirit-lifting, feeling you have in the company of your dog. Whether it is going on a walk, playing together, or staying together in the house, each moment is one to remember.

Dogs sometimes growl in pain, sulk around in silence or bark in excitement, depending on the mood either one of you are in. They are able to understand and react to your mood as well, either to cheer you up with their lively nature or to lay by you to comfort you

Dogs have a way or helping ease tension and stress, even by doing little to nothing. You could feel tense when something wrong happens, but your dog may help you relax. Dogs are beautiful in the sense that making them happy makes them want to make you happy too, They do so at times by cheering your mood and ‘lifting your spirit’

Words to describe dogs when it makes you mad

Dogs may tend to frustrate or irritate you by certain behaviors; beit chasing people, moving cars, barking uncontrollably, or pulling on leashes. Use the following words to describe a dog with annoying behaviors.

Words such as stubborn, troublesome, vicious, irritating or annoying can be used to describe how they make you feel.

Stubborn dogs tend to become rebellious sometimes, for one reason or another. Use stubborn to describe your dog when they intentionally ignore you and your orders and in situations where your dog is really difficult to control, use troublesome to describe it.

You could use vicious to describe your dog when they are chasing people randomly and jumping at them without any aim or for any reason. Dogs may bark without control when lonely or to protect their territories.

It could make you feel irritated, especially at night times,  and people often term dogs as annoying when their dog chases people, other animals or cars while on a walk or does something similar without reason.

Words to describe dogs based on their intellect.

Training dogs helps build their ability to think, act, and respond to specific instructions. The following words could be used to help describe dogs to explain their intelligence. Your dog could be smart, intelligent, knowledgeable or sharp.

When your dog is able to learn and understand things taught. Use smart to describe your dog when it is quick to learn. You could as refer to them as “Trainable”. Intelligent dogs know and understand the outcomes of their actions and how to gain your attention. They understand certain gestures, movements, calls, and even facial expressions and the messages they convey.

These dogs follow orders and rules when expected. They are 100% reliable in carrying out any given task. You could describe your dog as obedient when he/she does what you tell.

Knowledgeable describe dogs that have retained information you taught them or anything they learned alone. They are able to remember things even you would forget easily. Sharp describes a dog that understands information and uses it efficiently. You could also use the word ‘clever’ to describe them.


As your best friend you can describe your dog any way you like, don’t feel silly or bullied in describing your dog.

Dogs are great pets who have various character traits, some of which help you carry on with life, so describing them based on their behavior, skills, and appearance may not be easy.

In this scenario, you could use some of the above examples to describe your pet dog to help explain more about them.