What are the Characteristics of an 8 week old kitten

What is an 8 week old kitten

This is a kitten that is said to have lived 8 weeks.

The kitten’s behavior

At this period kittens are active, social sort of restless it wouldn’t get enough rest it would easily get attracted to shiny objects and the weird thing is that it would spend half of the day napping.

It usually tries to behave more independent than usual trying to run and go to places it never went before, it is more hyper not as a sickness but as a behavior, the stage of kittens is as similar to the youthfulness in humans (teenage years) because this is the brink of adulthood for kittens to become cats.

Do they still need milk?

8 week old kittens are said to have grown the need for milk and have become more independent and they have naturally changed the way they eat, see things, socialize, and express themselves.

How do they socialize –

This is like a puberty stage for them if they didn’t learn how to properly socialize when they were younger kittens it’s going to be hard for them to learn that now but not impossible.

If they were more outgoing and trained by a better mother cat and bred by a decent owner they can be easier to maintain and train

How can you improve their socialization?

However, if they lack social etiquette it is not too late to teach them, a new pet owner may find this difficult to allow them to do whatever their wish but don’t allow them to be independent by giving them out or letting them outside anyhow.

For better socialization you can treat them with more care by petting their head, getting them toys, and enabling special treats.

How do they express themselves?

They seem to be more assertive and more wayward than their younger counterparts and they seem to feel more independent than ever. However, the way their express themselves can be influential to how they were trained at their birth phase.

How do they see things

They tend to almost see things in a very passive way and can be very nonchalant. This has been discovered as one of the dirtiest phases of cats.

These cats tend to feel very independent but truth be told these cats need a lot of guidance and shouldn’t be given out during this period because they can become wild and wayward.

What do they eat?

These kittens have already started eating solid foods and canned foods, they have already weaned off their mother’s breasts.

What should they eat?

A good dry kibble kitten food or wet canned food.

Examples of good kibble kitten food

The blue buffalo healthy growth natural food – it is a quality meal that has natural ingredients and no by-products with high vitamins and great supplements that can help In giving your kitten a proper diet and helps in fast development but physically and mentally.

The blue buffalo healthy Gourmet natural kitten plate – This is the proper presentation of aesthetically balanced meals of several contrasting, filled with enriched vitamins this helps to build a proper immune for the kitten.

These can be very essential in helping kittens grow and helping them in their phases by giving them these proper meals helps them maintain a balanced diet and helps them to fight diseases such as flu and diarrhea.

Should they drink water?

They are at least to drink water as regular as they eat, 30 minutes before a meal and an hour after a meal, they are to take water 8 times daily.

How many times should they eat

They are to eat four times a day as this essential to their growth and helps build up a proper immune system.

How do they look like?

They are a little bit bigger than newborn kittens by a margin but not as big as cats, they usually look young and not tarted, they look as vulnerable as little kittens only bigger and more agile

How should they play and benefits of them playing

Playing with other kittens has been very important for their socialization and well-being. allowing them to play this helps in their mental development to help remove the fear of confined spaces and boost their emotional intelligence with pet owners.

An average of two times daily is good for cats’ playtime by doing these you are sure of better pets and a better-behaved kitten

What is the size of the kitten

 Its size is usually said meant to be two pounds anything less your kitten is said to be sick or deformed or malnourished.

Signs of a sick kitten

  • White gums
  • Inability to taste
  • Fatigued
  • A swollen stomach
  • Irritations
  • coughing
  • Sneezing
  • wheezing
  • Panting
  • weird chuckling
  • Untidy spots
  • frequent stooling

How do you prevent a kittens illness

  • Giving it a proper meal
  • Feeding it adequately
  • Removing it from cold
  • Giving it a proper bath – to remove stored first and remove bacteria that can cause flu and other deadly diseases
  • Taking it for a checkup
  • spending sufficient time with it
  • rebuking it from eating first and other untidy substances
  • Not allowing eat to it furniture – Furniture has retardants that have traces
  • Of potentially harmful substances so harmful that they are even going as far as being found in shampoos.

If the kitten eventually falls sick what do you do?

  • If it has bacteria infection give it antibiotics
  • Reduce food intake maybe it needs a break but continue to give it water
  • Stay around it because cats are emotional creatures and constantly give it attention
  • If these don’t work take it to an experienced vet doctor

In general –  kittens at this age are a joy to watch and fun to take care of, just follow these basics and it would be as hard as it seems, constant care, proper attention, and adequate play.