What is a Group of kittens called?

They are twice the energy and twice exhausting, inquisitive,  and exuberant, these are what you are to expect when getting a bunch of kittens. What is this bunch of kittens called?

A group of kittens is called?

A group of kittens is called a litter, but that is only used as a general name, but if the kitten is of the same species they are called a kindle.

Some kittens have been raised in the same shelter and you decide to adopt them all. Kittens raised in the same room or cage of different breeds are called chowder.

Many potential problems can arise from so many cats co-habiting, they might hiss or fight over dominance, often most people do not know they are quite independent and territorial.

This does not mean that can not happily leave together in the right circumstances. You just need to make sure you do everything you can to engender a positive environment for all the kittens.

How to raise a chowder of kittens

The first way to do that is to make sure they can get along with themselves. Although kittens are not necessarily competitive, you need to ensure all the kittens have all their needs met, this means reducing the conflict over food, water, and objects around the home.

The most important thing to know is that every kitten will need their food bowl, water bowl, and litter tray even if they later end up sharing on. You always need an extra litter tray when training a group of kittens.

You will need plenty of space for them to play and rest. This could be shelves or structures in which the kittens can play and create more space for the kittens to get away from each other when they need some time alone.

You will need scratching posts so that they can keep their nails in condition and mark their territory, you can also add a fountain because kittens love them

The kittens will sniff each and as they grow they will be some hissing amongst them. Unless any of the kittens appear to be in any danger you must not intervene as we need to respect their way of communicating.

If some of the kittens are uncomfortable you will need to create spaces for the kittens to hide separately and seek refuge.

You should reinforce positive behaviors amongst the kittens in kind with a treat and encouragement. Over the first few days, the kittens will play and be all over each other, this is the time to test their boundaries and adapt to themselves.

This may take time, even as much as a few months, but in the long run, we should see them tolerate themselves more or less positively.

Keeping the kittens, both mentally and physically stimulated promoted the well-being of the kittens as well as enrichment for the kitten.

In the pet market, you can find synthetic pheromones for kittens these reproduce the pheromones by lactating cats which cause the kittens which cause the kittens to be relaxed, this causes the kitten to feel at home with themselves

Avoid using water or spray bottles to frighten kittens, chase them around lock them in a room or otherwise try to force them to get along.

Visiting a vet is needed if the kittens do not get along. These specialists include feline ornithologists and behaviorists, they are best suited for helping your kittens get along.

Setting up a space for a kindle of kittens

Most people want to wait till they have enough space to foster a kindle, whether you live in a 6 bedroom house or a studio apartment, I am telling you, yes, you have room to foster kittens.

You do not just want to bring home your fostered kittens and let them loose all over your house you want them to have a dedicated space.

The good news is kittens do not take up much space. An appropriate place for a kindle is going to be safe, confined, and free of spaces that the kittens can get stuck, climate-controlled which is soft and warm. They should be protected from hazards such as small objects, cords, or other animals.

They should be cleaned daily and sanitized in between litters

This is how you set up your space for kittens 0 -3 weeks old a top opening carrier or box. A soft baby blanket a heat source such as snuggle safe.

Kittens 2 weeks old and under will be very small, very vulnerable, and will sleep about 23hrs a day.

I recommend a plastic tub because it is easy to clean, sanitize, and look through and they are so small that they can not get out of the top of it.

You can work with a soft carrier for your kittens, it is nice and portable which is safe for your babies.

One more thing you can add is a comfort source like a stuffed animal or even better snuggle kitten. A snuggle kitten is a surrogate mama that has a battery-operated heartbeat inside it.

Kittens are drawn to the snuggle kitten especially if they do not have their mama cat. You can also switch the snuggle kittens with snuggle puppies

Now, we can talk about what it takes to set up a place for kittens 3 weeks and older. Once kittens reach 2 and a half to 3 weeks old, they are starting to spend more time awake their vision is improving and they are becoming more curious about the world around them,

This is a great time to upgrade your kittens to a playpen. I recommend a soft-sided playpen with a zip-top. They are safe, confined, and easy to sanitize. They also fold up easily so you can take them to work or a family member for the weekend.

Inside the playpen, you will still put an unscented litter box, once the kittens start weaning you will start including some shallow food and water dishes into the playpen and there are lots of things you will consider using such as toys or a soft bed.

Ensure that everything is kitten safe and they have all the essentials.

If you have a separate room to foster your kitten you will need to think about kitten proofing, you want to make it is safe for them.

You have to make sure the room is easy to clean, when you bring home kittens you will be bringing home an animal with an unknown health history that means you do not want them shedding any illness in any area that is difficult to sanitize.

In general, you want to avoid carpets that can retain certain viruses or parasites and are a bit harder to clean.