What is a Stud Puppy?

What is a stud animal

These are animals considered to have the ability to produce offspring’s at a certain period depending on it’s the breed for domestic animals like ats, stallions, dogs it usually takes months while animals like tortoise hippopotamus take at least a year or so to become a stud, they are usually registered for breeding and checked if they are castrated by any means.

When can puppies become stud animals?

The age a puppy becomes a sud or becomes fertile usually depends on the breed. Small breeds are considered to be more fertile and mature faster than large breeds, small breeds are already fertile during 6-9 months while the large breeds take around 12 -15 months to be fertile.

Examples of small breeds

The Alaskan Klee kai, the chihuahua, the bottom terrier, the French bulldog, Havanese, the Italian greyhound, the Jack Russel terrier, Lhasa Apso, and the miniature poodle

They are said to be loyal and very obedient and a regular good behavior

Observations of a stud puppy

Stud puppies are more conscious of their environment than a regular young puppy and they are more cautious, these puppies always claim don’t crave attention like their younger counterparts.

The male puppy may become stronger and more intense their mood may change very often, suddenly, and also rapidly.

They tend to be very explosive, more dramatic also becoming more loyal and confident around their breeders.

They also feel more independent even if they need a lot of protection with proper guidance

The puppy stud policy

This can be defined as the agreement an owner or a breeder has between another party responsible for pet care. This agreement usually allows a specific dog the smaller breeds because of their fast fertility within 6- 9 months this allows the male puppy to mate and breed a female dog.

Disadvantages of making a puppy stud at an early age e.g about 4-5 months

  1. it reduces the chances of having proper growth ( depending on the species )
  2. It reduces the hormonal glands
  3. It may not bring well-matured semen for male
  4. It can increase the chance of early puppy death if the puppy is too young to breed
  5. It widens the female puppy’s genitals at a tender which is not good because if the genitals are not mature it increases the chance of infection and wounded fetus.
  6. It reduces the chance of having proper breeding
  7. It weakens the young puppy and makes it prone to diseases
  8. It increases the change of unneutered puppies
  9. It can cause breeders instability
  10. It can cause homelessness to puppies who are not able to stud and be responsible it increases the chance of homeless animals.

Causes of having a puppy stud at an early age

  1. It is usually because of breeders selfish choices
  2. Puppies misconduct
  3. Unruly owners
  4. Miscontrol of puppies
  5. It is usually common for homeless puppies who are usually orphans that go into studying because of lack of guidance
  6. Owners having disregard for their pets
  7. Scientists using young semen for experimental use
  8. lab technicians trying to create a phenomena
  9. Puppies in an environment that is very rough, puppies are like humans in certain aspects they are said to have emotions also and they easily observe things from unruly conduct to harboring of young ones at a very tender age.
  10. Puppies of different sex exposed to each other at a tender age and when bored can start mating as an activity.

Stud puppies preferences

  1. They tend to prefer the opposite sex more
  2. They can be very attracted to other breeds
  3. They love to experiment with new foods
  4. Depending on the breed they become closer to the owner than their parent that is if they are with their parent.
  5. They like reckless activities like rubbing their heads with opposite sex and when fighting the same sex they tend to rub their heads also
  6. They love being indoors with their owners but love being free when outside only if they are not familiar with their environment that they seem to stick with their owners.
  7. Disregarding their toys can be a common way of stud puppies they seem to like more if bones and more of natural things than more man made things
  8. They love meeting with other breeds but not necessarily sharing things with them not even sharing an environment with them.
  9. They begin to love the fetch games more , the reason they love this game more is because it tends to relieve them of their stress and reduce their vulnerability and helps they a special bond with their owners even if they are not as loving as when they were younger.
  10. They begin to think like humans by watching the exact same thing with them or trying to copy what humans do .especially, a human they like or it could probably be their owner.
  11. They tend to socialize with other mammals or other animals in general and if it doesn’t work out they tend to keep a permanent grudge with those particular set of animals .as this can be said to be a very emotional period and changing from infancy to youthfulness.
  12. They tend to like more fibre foods than the young canine foods or regular liquids they used to take in their younger stages.

How to stud your puppy

You should generally stud your puppies depending on their breed, if it is a young breed about 4-9 months depending on its growth level and reacts to stimuli and how it fights diseases and substances, its health level should be a heavy determinant in its stud methods.

  • For a healthy small breed – 4 months
  • For an average small breed – 6 months
  • For a sick or deformed small breed -9 months
  • For a healthy large breed – 12 months
  • For an average large breed – 13 months
  • For an unhealthy large breed – 15 months