What should I do if my dog ate a rabbit?

If you are out strolling with your dog and they sight a bunny on the run, their regular drive will urge them to pursue and if by chance, they get the unfortunate rabbit, they will either try to eat it or at least, bite through it.

What to do if your dog eats a bunny?

You should hold it under close watch for not less than 24 hours. You should observe their wellbeing and energy level and note down any evident changes in their behavior.You should also observe their appetite and look at their stool, if possible. If you question that your dog may have come in contact with a serious ailment, you can likewise monitor its pulse to be safe.

You need to visit a veterinarian if your dog eats a bunny. If mild side effects, like a stomach upset appear, you can call a veterinary doctor for advise.

They would suggest to you appropriate antibiotics that you should buy for your dog. You ought to never purchase drugs without the endorsement of your vet, as it can lead to further entanglements.

It is likewise important to feed it a solid diet if they have a disturbed stomach. Stomach upsets will only last for a couple of days and can be managed with proper drugs and an appropriate diet.

In any case, if extreme side effects start to show up in your pet, including persistent diarrhea and vomiting, you need to rush them to the clinic.

The specialist would need to run a few tests to recognize the specific illness. They may likewise take stool and pee tests to decide whether they have a tapeworm or other parasites in their alimentary canal.

When your canine’s condition is recognized, the vet can suggest required meds and propose fitting approaches to deal with the parasite for the impending days.

You ought to likewise look into the antibodies that had been administered to your dog. It will assist you with killing uncertainty about your dog contracting rabies from the wild bunny.

Perhaps your canine ate a bunny, much of the time there ought to be nothing to stress over. In any case, the bunny may have been contaminated or then again, in case it was dead before your canine ate it, it may have been poisoned and filled with toxins. All things considered, a visit to the veterinary may be important to prevent more to come devastating results.

In the event that you find it eating the rabbit, you can intervene immediately to make him stop before he gets crazy ideas like bringing the carcass into your home and leaving its dead body on the sofa as a present.

Other than that, the only thing you can do after your dog eats a rabbit is to sit back and watch on the likelihood that he may show any sign of distress.

What Symptoms Will My Dog Show If They Have Eaten a Rabbit?

If your canine has eaten a rabbit and shows any of the accompanying symptoms, you should take them to the vet right away.

Side effects of Tapeworms

It tends to be upsetting to see tapeworms slithering out of your dog’s rear-end. You may likewise see dried white or cream shaded fragments on the surface of fresh feaces or stuck to their skin under the tail.

By chance that you notice your canine is dragging their bum along the ground or another rough surface, they’re most likely attempting to reduce the irritation caused by the tapeworms. Different signs include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, distended abdomen, in serious cases, weight loss

Symptoms of Fleas and Ticks

Extreme scratching, licking, and biting, are obvious signs of fleas and ticks. Others include balding, scabs, pale gums, flea soil or droppings in your dog’s fur.

Symptoms of Tularemia

Fortunately tularemia in canines is uncommon. Regardless, symptoms of the infection to look out for are fever, broadened and painful lymph hubs, fluid discharge from the eyes, stomach pain and depression.

Symptoms of Rabies

Rabies is also uncommon however there is no harm in knowing the side effects. They include loss of motion of the throat and, jaw muscles, frothing at the mouth, confusion, absence of coordination, loss of motion of the rear legs, loss of appetite, fever, lethargy, seizures.

The most effective method to prevent your dog from eating bunnies

The best way to get a canine to quit something is through legitimate training. Giving them orders like “leave it” or “drop” may be valuable not only for rabbits but as well as for whatever winds up in your canine’s mouth that he shouldn’t eat (and dogs will eat a lot of conceivably dangerous things during their lifetime).

If you do not have the opportunity or resources to train your dog or you’d prefer get the assistance of an expert, there are many dogs instructional classes and authorized canine professionals you can contact.

To be on the safer side, if have a dog at home you should try not to keep a pet rabbit!

Is It Safe For My Dog To Eat Rabbit Poop?

It’s unquestionably not surprising for dogs to eat rabbit droppings. Rabbits eat quite a lot and may poop a great deal. Since these pellets are so little, your dog is sure to spot and eat them before you’ve gotten an opportunity to stop them.

For most canines, eating rabbit poop will cause no harm. Nonetheless, a few canines have a delicate stomach system and may get a stomach ache, if there are changes to their eating patterns

In case they’re not used to eating bunny pellets, your dog might begin to give indications of distress. This could be a presence of coccidia contamination. Your vet will be able to detect the parasite in your dog’s stool.

Albeit profoundly infectious for rabbits, this type of intestinal disease won’t hurt your dog.


Let’s say your canine attacks and eats a bunny without your supervison, there isn’t a lot to stress over. On the off chance that your canine has a great metabolism, their is a likelihood the rabbit will digest easily with no stomach issue.

However, in the event that your dog isn’t accustomed with meat, there is a likelihood that it may suffer from looseness of it’s bowels.

Bunnies are a typical animal to prey, for your dog. They love the flavor of their soft meat. You should refrain them from feeding on any wild bunny they run over while they are outside.

You can provide your canine with the store carried rabbit meat or kibble with pieces of bunny meat to assist them with overcoming the impulse to kill the creature and eat it.

Wild rabbits are not completely dangerous to your dog, however it sure has numerous dangers involved.