Where to buy sushi grade fish?

What is sushi grade?

Sushi grade fish is a term that is common to identify fish that is considered safe to be eaten raw. However, there are no official standards for the term and it is thought to be used Majorly for marketing purposes.

It is paired with the most expensive cuts of fish. Most fish vendors, although they would use the term sushi-grade to indicate which of their supply is the freshest, high quality, tasty, and treated with extra care to limit the risks of food-borne illness. This usually goes to a freezing process that the fish usually undergoes before it gets sold.

What is the best fish for sushi?

Different types of fish are used for sushi ,some fish are more susceptible to parasites than the others,so it is very advisable to be familiar with your particular species of fish before purchasing something that just indicates sushi grade on it especially if you your intentions are to eat raw .

They are a lot of different species for fish but the most common are said to be Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, halibut, gizzard shad, mackerel, and seabass are the most common types of fish excluding shellfish used in raw sushi.

What is the benefit of sushi grade fish?

Sushi grade fish usually means the highest quality of  fish the store is offering and the store usually has the assurance it can be eaten raw because of it’s healthy benefits and it has been mixed with preservatives or frozen  to an extent it looses all it’s nutrients.

How long is sushi grade fish for ?

Sushi grade fish has not been a type of meal to be known to last up to days or even a week but it is okay to take this meal home once purchased and store them up to a maximum of 24 hours. The taste and sushi may change like when you warm food (e.g softer sashimi, limp seaweed paper, harder rice )

They are said to be no harm in eating it 24 hours after it was made but after that, you should expect something terrible because of the exposure of the raw particles this may cause several illnesses or as known as food poisoning.

The origin of sushi

Sushi is said to have originated in China a very long time ago in the fourth century BC,as a means of preserving fish in salt.Narezushi ,the original form of sushi ,has been made in South East Asia for centuries  and nowadays, there are still traces of it in some parts.

The  origin of sushi grade fish

It was discovered that imports from maguro from the north and south of Japan – every 10- 14 days on average – and always have chosen wild  caught over farm raised (as with the majority of it’s fish) ” This is to say that it sushi grade  fish was originally invented in Japan.

The country with the highest consumption of sushi grade fish ?

Brazil has been known to consume a large number of sushi in the past few decades just to remember that country with the highest Japanese outside Japan is said to be Brazil ,so immigrants have also the blood in them and the nack of eating sushi grade fish .

The best places to get sushi grade fish in the world

1.Japan – Japan has been the new home of sushi grade fish and has been a culture there and been formed into different variants.it has been as an appetizer ,main meal and a healthy snack for people in the Japanese world, this is similar  to the consumption of tea in the United kingdom or beer in the Ireland .

2. China – China was originally the place for sushi  grade fish until the Japanese took over and had more consumptions and daily produve than the Chinese similar to the Germans who where the original inventors  of burger but now more consumed and produced from the United States of America .

3.United states of America – The United States of America  has been known to take over things regularly but they do not top the  chat on this occasion slightly edging out to China and slightly ahead of the brazillians.The people from the United States of America eat sushi as a certified meal similar to the way they consume pizza but with less consumption in the sushi grade fish probably because it is not a fatty food like the burger or pizza.

4.Brazil – Brazil is said to be fourth largest Place to have consumed sushi grade fish this because Japanese people have a take on Brazilian soil through immigration or tourists and overtime have mixed to the Brazilian culture .

5 Singapore – Singapore have been put among the top five  for sushi grade fish consumption  this is because in the early 18th century Japanese were rampant in the south east Asia that because of searching for  immigrants for land occupants ,these has now been a major meal in the south Singapore ever since.

Because of these high consumptions in these areas they have been spotted as the best places.

Sushi grade fish in Nigeria

Sushi grade fish overtime has been spotted all over the world even in our own very Nigeria.sushi grade fish are have  always been known to be  available in commercial areas.

They can be found in these food outlets. “The top 10”.

  1. Makoko fish Market
  2. Themarketfoodshop
  3. Live catfish
  4. Seafood supply Fairy
  5. The fish shop
  6. Ojuwoye Market
  7. Market (Adedoyin road)
  8. Meat bank and seafood
  9. Spar ilupeju
  10. Tomi’s seafoods .

Over a thorough research these was  found to be the most notable sushi fish grade joints around.

Note:- These places listed are only in Lagos

But here are some available sushi grade fish in which you can find  online.

  1. Makoko fish market online service
  2. jiji.ng
  3. Olist.ng
  4. Mfish
  5. The fish shop
  6. ubuy
  7. Seadora

These places have been known to be trusted online ventures to have sushi grade fish in Nigeria and available Nationwide.