Unbiased White Rabbit Express Review

White Rabbit Express was founded by a Houston-based entrepreneur, Max Hodges in 2005. As pioneers in the proxy service industry, they combine innovative technology with high-efficiency operations to make buying from Japan as simple and streamlined as possible.

Reviews on white rabbit express

Wonderful customer service

The website is extremely easy and reliable to use and navigate. White rabbit express will purchase from any website or store that a lot of other proxy services will not, and in my opinion that is their greatest asset. Their request form is easy to fill and communication is always clear.

The customer service they provide is professional and courteous. They answer all questions, no matter how trivial. That does not mean they will automatically tell say a yes on everything, but be sure you will have a favorable reply.

If you know a little Japanese, you should be able to tell what is in stock and what isn’t, what price is what, but I would bet staffs would still help you out because according to those who have been in contact with them claims, they have been friendly and very clear about details and issues with purchases.

For example, if you have been asking a Japanese vendor (like an independent artist) about certain product availability, sometimes asking the vendor directly is not available due to the language barrier on some other platforms but that is not a problem for white rabbit express.

Delayed services

The time it takes white rabbit express to purchase an item is really slow and this might be because some goods aren’t available on their site. It typically takes one to four days for white rabbit to purchase an item.

This varies on when you put in the order and other factors are also put into consideration,if you’re not in a rush this is not really a big deal but for anything time sensitive, this might be a deal breaker.

Requesting one item for 40000 yen is of course faster in terms of work to be done to order compared to ordering many little items between various shops totalling 40000 yen before shop and item fee.

However, they tend to use the excuse “we’re a small company” whenever issues time related or other issues come up, which isn’t always the case since they are one of the pioneering proxy service in Japan.

They always report when delays are expected during holidays/events in Japan and whenever orders arrive they are always packaged with care with employee stamps on the card which in my opinion is a very nice detail.

Expensive prices

I am seeing a lot of reviews about their price saying they’re expensive but I personally think their price is totally understandable and acceptable for the quality of the service they provide. This is because their services are unique, in the sense that someone on the staff works like a translator between you and the merchant.

There is a fee associated with the number of items and number of stores in addition to the service fee (9.9℅ of total item cost) but that is the business model they follow to ensure top service while maintaining compensation for the quality of work they give.

On some occasions though, they have a promotion offering reduced service fee too, so if there are items you want during the promotion period I say jump on it (if it is feasible for your wallet).

In store and event services.

They also offer in-store and in event services, which not all services provide which makes it possible for them to find almost everything you will be looking even if you do not have a direct link. Just by showing them a picture they were able to find the item you are looking for in-store and in their website.

It is very easy to use their service to order items from multiple shops that you like and the purchase confirmation time is usually very fast of course only depending on the time it is in Japan and whether the item is for sale immediately

This brings me back to their delayed services but you can rely on their assistance with any special request and inquiries.

If you frequently order huge, bulky items (eg arcade games) then you should consider white rabbit. They will custom repackage all the items so FedEx does not damage them in the US.

Related information

Here are some reviews online about White Rabbit Express; “White rabbit was the first proxy service I ever used and after discovering them I never went backto begging random people on eBay to getting items”

“I like how simple and straightforward the quote process is, especially the option to choose to wait to pay for domestic Japan shipping of items!! Yes they are a bit slower than other services I use but they are worth the wait with how clean and simple the process is as well as the professionalism. They still have room for improvements in that aspect but otherwise great”

And another user claims whenever there is an item from Japan she wants, and the item is’nt available for direct shipping. The first proxy service she thinks of is white rabbit express. She has used other services in the past but their experience pales in comparison with her experience with white rabbit express.


White rabbit express can be a decent service to use in my opinion compared to purchasing items in places like Buyer/Tenso, Zenmarket, and From Japan.

So in conclusion, they have a speedy delivery and proper packaging which they offer unlimitedly. An instant quote, which means there is no need for your quote to be approved.

A prompt response which sometimes is controversial but it is quite understandable since they are a small company, this includes communication, purchasing and shipping and a variety of shipping methods from public postal ones to private ones like FedEx, DHL, etc.

So at the end of the day, we can’t really judge if it is a great service or not. The question is what do you really want from your proxy service?