Why do kittens climb your legs?

Kittens tend to show signs of trust and affection by wanting to stay close to you. The cat body secretes pheromones which mainly serve to mark territory or possessions

Why do kittens climb your legs?

Kittens are attention-seeking animals, the moment you stand up and your kitten starts climbing up your leg, it wants you to pet it or play with it. But at the moment you do not want that, so how can you stop your kitten from climbing your leg?

What is the best way to stop a kitten from climbing your legs?

Communication using body language with your kitten as they are little is essential. Before the kitten starts climbing your leg you lift it off to the floor, so it knows you do not condone it in a gentle but firm way.

The claws of the kitten need to be cut short and frequently, every few days, so it cannot climb. Kittens tend to grow with a particular habit, so it’s best that whilst showing love you should cub bad habits like climbing with their claws hurting you immediately.

Tips on how to trim your kitten’s claws

The first thing you should think about is the earlier you start with trimming your kitten’s nails the better its going to be accepting of it. You will need a pair of small scissors for the trimming.

The first thing you will do, try going through the process slowly, by trimming one nail at a time, especially if your cat has never had a nail trim by you before. Patience is very key here, you have to go slow, petting the kitten and holding it firmly.

You trim just one nail on one paw and then you can reward your kitten with a treat. Then you stop for the day. By easing into this it is less stressful, trying to do all nails in one sitting if your kitten is not use to it is going to frustrate it more greatly and make it more difficult and gives it a bad experience it will remember for future nail trims.

Getting to the nails is an important part of this process, you do not want to pull the kitten’s arm all the way out, because that tends to make animals to draw their arm back in very closely.

You want to put them in a hunched position and come over the top of them and lean into your kitten. Just make sure your cat is generally accepting of this and do not take any safety risks,

Keep in mind your kitten may like you most of the time, but once you start to do something like this with it you might be crossing some boundaries and it could bite or scratch you. You want to make sure your safety is protected.

You can speak to your veterinarian about the biting and scratching or you can have the nail trim done by them.

Steps on trimming your kitten’s nail.

  • Lift the paw, and by pushing the paw and squeezing it, you will that the claws come out and if you look at each nail, its very narrow and sharp at the end of it starts to come in towards the body and it starts to widen.
  • The place where you really want to trim the nail is where is starts to transition from narrow to wide and you do not want to hit the part that has the pink tip inside of it, because that is the quick, and that is where it is going to bleed
  • Once you squeeze the toes to push the nail out your trimmers around the nail and then you clip it.
  • You will definitely notice resistance from your kitten, they are still small so the resistance might not be a lot to handle, you a can have someone hold them in the right position while you trim.

How to prevent kitten from climbing every other place

There are sensors that you can place on the level of your cupboard or your couch or what you want to stop them from getting on and they make noise, so as motion comes close to the sensor or your kitten it will make noise that scares the cat.

Another way that is more cost-effective you may want to try at home is to take some cardboard and line your cupboards with the cardboards and have it hanging off the edge of the cupboard. What this does is when the kitten jumps on, the cardboard flips up, it scares them off so they know it’s not stable to move on.

You can get a double-sided sticky tape to put along your cupboard, kittens really dislike having something sticky on their paws.

You have to always remember that when trying to change the kitten’s habits of climbing your leg or even it might be the nail trim, but you have to have a firm heart and be confident with it.

Once your kitten fights you and you give up, it means it knows it can win and it is going to try and fight harder the next time.

Be careful and cautious and be firm, you can accomplish the change in your kitten and you can accomplish it safely and with a good experience

The kitten can be taught to jump from the floor to the adult’s chest height, thereby avoiding the legs.

Remember to always to reward the kitten when it jumps on your body when your hand is in position for it to come to you not climbing up your leg.

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Do claw caps help to give the kitten soft paws?

Yes, it takes away the defense of the kitten, but does not stop the scratching but reduces damage

Can kittens retract their claws while interacting with humans?

Yes, they certainly can, that’s where interaction comes in with your body language letting them no it hurts when they use their claws to express either hunger or happiness and not rewarding them when they do.