What does it tell about a person if they dislike dogs and have zero tolerance for dogs?

When people say they do not like dogs, it’s like saying they don’t like chocolates or Christmas.  Many find it incomprehensible to not like dogs or resist the urge to pet their fluffy fur, but truth be told, the reason why people like dogs are also the same reason why others are not exactly their fans.

People who have zero tolerance for dogs

But does this say anything about their personality? Absolutely not. It tells you nothing about the person’s traits. It is not necessarily the right stance but it has nothing to do with personality. As long as they are not going around killing dogs or actively trying to hurt them, then it doesn’t make them a bad person for not wanting them around.

If someone thinks disliking a dog makes you a bad person, then what about a dog owner that beats his wife? and remember even Hitler had a dog. You don’t have to love dogs to be a good person and neither do loving dogs make you a good person.

Although, research has shown that people who don’t like dogs are often a bit obsessive-compulsive and dogs smell, farts, and sounds trigger them. They are often socially awkward than dog people. So they are likely to be more organized, sensitive, and careful. Maybe it could tell a little about their personality but it shouldn’t be used to judge their heart of kindness.

People have differences in preference and if someone responds poorly to a dog, then there is a problem with dogs that we can say is consistent enough for them to draw that conclusion and I think that is what we should be looking at instead, why do some people dislike dogs?

It could be something about exposure to dogs as a young child. Most people grew up in environments where dogs were not treated with much value. Families that had dogs, either kept them locked in a cage or let them roam outside the streets and not inside with their families, so growing up with that ideology might not make them fancy dogs much. If they didn’t grow up with dogs, they might end up disliking them.

Now should this mean they have zero tolerance for dogs?

Maybe because they have an history with a dog or lost a dog once and do not want to be near them for a while. They might also find the constant sniffing and face licking overly too intimate for them, escpecially when it is coupled with the dog’s smell and filth. They could also dislike the incessant growling and bared teeth especially for someone who has traumatic past experiences with dogs.

Some people do not like them plainly because they are loud and highly energetic. They want constant attention and always want to be noticed. People like this are often people who love their space and quiet. A dog jumping around the house could be tiresome for them.

There are a lot of personal reasons why people do not like them, lest not forgetting phobias and allergies. Sometimes, people suffering from autism and any other sensory processing disorder might try to keep their distance to avoid being triggered by dogs or their it’s fur.

Irresponsible dog owners

That being said, allow me to add, sometimes it could be the owners they have the problem with. Some irresponsible owners do not clean up after their dogs and let the messiness affect their apartment-mates. They allow their dogs behave poorly around people in public and invade their space.

They have no regard for consent, mindfulness or basic human consideration. Many of them actively value dogs over human life and get offended when someone tries to scold or correct their dogs.

The way many dog owner’s force their dogs on you, suggesting you pet or allow it lick you, that it wouldn’t hurt you, even after you outrightly tell them to not let their dog out, is exactly what makes some innocent people actually hate dogs.

Sure, one can say “I don’t like animals”. Likely because of the animal’s irritably behavior and the owner’s failure to take care of their animal. But this is not the animal’s fault, is it? So there is something wrong when a person who doesn’t like dogs blames the dog instead of the owner who refuses to properly train his dog. The dogs know no better. They are innocent.

Loyalty, unconditional love, and emphatic nature are the qualities dog owners love about their dog, asides from their sad cute eyes and warm fur, but these dogs would jump at any stranger who offers them food or pets them, then how does this judge the loyalty of dogs?

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How do I get rid of the fear of dog?

There might be plenty of reasons why you might get apprehensive around dogs but usually, the first thing to do is to find the root of the fear. Also, you being panicky around dogs might be due to your lack of understanding of how they communicate. So try understanding how they communicate.

Remember, dogs can pick on cues if someone is afraid of their presence, so try relaxing next time you are around a dog.


So what does it tell me about a person that does not like dogs? I would say, it tells more about a person if they refuse to respect someone’s boundaries than the boundaries themselves. It means so very little in the grand scheme of things.

Whether it is history or simply because they do not like the smell and feel of a dog’s fur, it doesn’t really say something substantial about a person if they do not fancy them.

Maybe the question we should be looking at, is why do people who love dogs care that others don’t. In fact, the rivalry between cat people and dog people is a very interesting topic we should focus on instead.